Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 1 Ontario Summer Games

Typing from my blackberry. Day 1 went alright, although a few dropped events by a couple of individuals meant less points than we needed to start off well. Among some of the highlights:

Youn Ho Choi coming back hard to win 200fly after spending the entire race in 3rd place. He also won 200im.

Gamal Assaad winning 200fly and 200im as well as a silver medal in 50fr.

Rogan Kim 3rd in 100br.

Ali Rizk 2nd in 50fr

Maggie Burns swimming hurt, finishing 4th in 200im and 200fly and 2nd in 100br.

Meaghan Mccaan winning 200fly and 200im, 3rd in 50fr.

Connie Yang 2nd in 200fly as well as 6th in 200im

Brandon Bronson 3rd in 50fr as well as 6th in 200im.

Mitchell Krafczek 7th in 50fr and 6th in 1500fr.

Karl Massey 7th in 100br and 200im

Olivia Anderson 6th in 50fr.

Meaghan v. 4th in 200fly and 6th in 200im

Anastasia V. 6th in 100br

Alex Jin 2nd in 200fly

Boys 4x100fr relay
Youn Ho Choi
Alex Jin
Giovanni sacco
Hayden chow

Girls 4x100fr relay
Jade lacasmana
Joyce leunge
Meaghan V
Bayley Dalbec

An entry to my blog seems incomplete without a Matt Fox result. Matt swam 50fr and 200im today. Both PBS but neither were good enough to make the final. No matter, not great events for him today. The bulk of his work will come tomorrow and Friday.

Its unbelievably hot here. No AC in the dorms and they ran out of food before our team could all eat tonight. Its a tough go but I believe that everyone is having fun and are having a great time.

I realized this week that I could never survive university again. I was lucky enough to have an appartment my first year.

I'll check back in tomorrow. Thanks for checking in with me.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach
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