Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video Time!!

Welcome back, everyone. This week is the first week back for most. Things are actually going quite smoothly. I believe that our set up this season will allow for the most improvement in this club's history. I am very excited and we've only barely started.

For this week's video, I dug back in the vault for some footage of Lenny Krayzelburg. For those of you unfamiliar, his bio is here ( but quite simply, Lenny was the world's fastest backstroker before passing the torch to Aaron Peirsol , the new world backstroke king.

I chose this video not because Lenny was a hero of mine when I swam (I once raced in the lane next to him in a meet)and not because he was a great backstroker, but again to highlight the underwater kick aspect of the race. Lenny highlights many of the reasons that he was more powerful than his competitors with his underwater portion. Please note how close his ankles pull towards his butt and how far they flex out on the kick. His range is great; he's not just wiggling his legs. Lots of things to think about.

Along this vain, I am working on a clinic that will bring in one of the best underwater kickers in Canadian history on our deck to work with our athletes to improve this. This will likely take place early in October. More details as they become available. One of my main goals this season is to improve the underwater aspect of everyone's race. That is where we were getting beat most last season.

Without any further ado, please enjoy Lenny doing what he did best...