Sunday, July 3, 2011

HHBF finishes 25th at Provincials (out of 71 scoring teams)

Sorry that I was unable to blog most of the weekend. During 4 day meet of being at the pool for at least 12 hours/day, I was just too exhausted. Those of you who follow me on Twitter were able to get the live results as they happened as well as some pictures. Based on how many are actually following, seems like a lot of you missed out on that. I really recommend setting up a twitter account and following me (coachmikehhbf).

This was probably the most emotional provincials I have ever attended, simply because it was the culmination of everything these athletes have been working for and more. Highlights included the following:

Matt Fox: First provincial championships in 100BK and 200BK (less than a second away from the meet record) as well as a silver in 200FR and a bronze in 100FR. Times he posted rivalled many older athletes in the meet and he's only 13. He also made senior provincials at age 13!! 2 club records to boot as well. This guy is going to continue to make the highlight wrap ups for time to come. Remember the name!

Mitchell Krafczek: Best times all across the board and finishing the weekend with a provincial final in 200BK and an 8th place finish with a best time. I'm very proud of him!

Keri-Lyn Copeland: I really enjoyed watching Keri-Lyn return to her top speed and best times. 50FR, 200FR, 100FR and 800FR were all bests and placed top 16 in them all. Very close to age group nationals in 100FR as well. Really strong meet from her!

Emma Fender: Club Record in 200BR and HUGE PB in 200IM. Right on top of best times in 50 and 100FR. Emma has just scratched the surface of what I believe she is able to do. A lot of raw talent in this girl.

Britney Dortona: We worked SOOOO hard to get the 800FR qualification for this meet after her late birthday. Brit was on top of her best times all weekend but some wicked improvement this season after starting in Gold and finishing in the Elite group. Her best results are yet to come!

Nolan Haas: Good return to speed and success this weekend! PBs across the board including a very brave 200BK (14 second PB). Nolan's best results are coming but it is great that he was able to prove to himself that he can get the 800 and 400IM prereq and refocus to sprint well at the meet. I'm excited about the possibilities here.

Trevor Burwell: Best times of the season for 100FR, 400FR and some very competitive races. Trevor is splitting better than he was ever able to in the past and came down for finals Sunday night to support his team. Great weekend!

Aaron Brautigam: PB in 200BR, despite being disqualified in 200BR, but great time in 200IM and 8th place finish in 100BR with a PB. I am very proud of the improvement and dedication to training Aaron showed this season.

Kyle Haas: Gold Medal and meet record in 200IM, Silver in 50FR, Bronze in 100BK and 200BK as well as 4th in 400IM. 5 club records broken over the weekend and 2 senior national qualifications, becoming the first HHBF man qualified ever. Great weekend for Kyle and his career is just getting started.

Watching Kyle break the meet record in 200IM, Matt ALMOST break the meet record in 200BK, Mitchell make finals, Keri-Lyn's 800FR and Aaron's final appearance were amongst my favourite moments this weekend. All things that made me so proud that I had to keep my emotions in check or risk looking silly. Having a senior national qualifier and having HHBF going to Olympic Trials next season also made me a little choked up. We have worked so hard for what we got: what a great weekend overall!

HHBF finished in 25th place and we beat Milton, again (34th). I believe this to be our highest medal count and best PB rate in history. There is just so much to celebrate tonight, I don't know where to start. This weekend really punctuates our great season.

I hope that all Blue Fins reading this understand that great things are possible through hard work and believing that they can be done. Both parts of that equation are necessary: Hard Work & Belief. These athletes showed the result of both. One thing I found myself telling people over and over this weekend: "You're wise not to bet against the Blue Fins."