Thursday, June 19, 2014

Keep Learning Lessons From Other Sports!

As an unabashed Raptors and Spurs fan, the 2014 NBA Playoffs were unbelievable for me! I really enjoyed watching my favorite teams, under dogs, go up against "stronger" opponents. Since I already posted what we could learn from the Raptors run in the playoffs, I will not do the same thing again, but I will link to a column from Bill Simmons about the 2014 Finals [via Grantland...]. My favorite quote from this column was the following:

Q: What’s the best lesson of the 2014 Spurs that wasn’t ridiculously obvious? 
Five words: Don’t feel sorry for yourself. 
Instead of moping around after blowing last year’s title, they looked at everything logically and wondered, “Hmmmmm … why did we REALLY lose?” The conclusion: They weren’t good enough at small ball; they couldn’t play two point guards at once; they didn’t rest their veterans enough; and they didn’t exploit Boris Diaw’s offensive skills enough. They spent the regular season working on those issues and transforming themselves into a superior version of the Seven Seconds or Less Suns. The end result: They treated the 2014 Heat the same way those slash-and-kick international teams treated American basketball in the mid-2000s. It almost looked like they were playing a different sport.

I think that this is an important to recognize that even the biggest disappointments can be salvaged and it is important to take cues from outside of your own sport watching the San Antonio Spurs come back from such a disappointing finish last season is inspiring! I think that it feeds hope that disappointments are not final and that working to fix flaws pays off. When reviewing your season, what will you change next season to make it better? Ask yourself "Hmmmmm... what really happened this season?"

I also have a link to a podcast that I produce for Dr. Greg Wells featuring an interview with 2012 Olympic Champion, Rosie MacLennan. Here, she talks about her career upto her 2012 Olympic win. Very inspirational for all athletes. Available for FREE download from iTunes or from Dr. Wells' website.