Friday, May 28, 2010

Kyle Haas Bronze in 50BK at 2010 Senior Provincials

Hi Everyone. I am typing on a horrible keyboard so pardon my type-os.

First day of Senior Provincials and so far so good. 4 races yielded 2 finals (each Kyle Haas and Karl Massey made finals for 50BK). Neither swimmer is well rested (coming off of 3 weeks of VERY hard work) and both swimming very well.

Kyle Haas best time and 20th place in 200FR. 3rd place, Bronze medal in 50BK. This is truely outstanding since Kyle is a 14 year old and the meet is geared towards 15 and overs. Kyle was beat by 18 year old Adam Best and 26 year old Ryan Atkinson. Not bad at all for a 14 year old boy (there are only 2 other 14 year olds at the meet.. ave age here is 17 or 18).

Kyle Massey also had a solid day making the B final in 50BK and finishing 13th overall. His 200Im earlier in the day was solid, but still in training mode, I am very confident that it will get where we need it in a matter of weeks.

This is a pretty fun meet. Well run, moves quickly and we're doing well to boot. Looks like I will be here tomorrow night for finals as well while both Kyle and Karl have 50FR and 200BK. I will see some of you on Sunday in Guelph. Thanks for reading!

Mike Thompson
Head Coach