Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Video: Commonwealth Games

SO far it looks like we're doing okay in India, although we still seem to be clinging to the hope that Brent Hayden will do something, even though Ryan Cochrane is already kicking ass. In fact, that is the point of today's video.

We may win a few medals here, but don't forget that the USA is HUGE right now and are not at that meet, same as many countries in Asia that are not represented at these games... so we may come top 3 in mens 200BK with a time of 1:59... but lets not forget that this season there were 7 men under 1:57 and 6 of them were american (1 of them was Michael Phelps). Though Stefan Hirniak medaled in 200FLY, there are 19 men listed as faster than him so far this season...

I think Cochrane has the right attitude. He says that its about racing at a high level. Granted, I have never won a Commonwealth Games Medal, nor have I even made the Commonwealth Team, but I can tell you that its hard to boast about winning when there are 8 Americans faster than you. I think that Cochrane understands this concept. And since we don't pour all of our eggs in his basket (for some reason that I cannot understand AT ALL), he is likely going to be a pleasant success story when it matters for the next 2 years.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach