Monday, January 10, 2011

Cobra Ca$h Challenge

A trend emerged this weekend in Brampton which really shouldn't suprise anyone: The people who trained through Christmas and who have been keeping good attendance swam really well. Those who are just returning from time off are going to find it difficult the first few weeks back because they're trying to catch up.

I was exceptionally surprised by the Elite and Platinum groups. The platinum group did quite a bit of distance this week, capped off with a 7.1km practice on Friday night and most of them were still hitting best times or coming very close. The Elite group did 7.7km on Friday night and most of them were swimming really well as well! Kudos to Aaron Brautigam who too almost 5 seconds off his 200IM and 2 seconds off of 100BK. Aaon's work ethic this season has been great and he should be enjoying his success. Among other standouts were:

Kyle Haas: who's 200FLY and 200BR were huge PBs and 100FR was within about a second of his best.

Mitchell Krafczek: 200BR was great (2:50.55) and both 200IM and 100FR were around best time.

Karl Massey: 200FLY was a first and 200BR pb by over 2 seconds. 100FR was around best.
Bjoern-Ole Schrader: 200FLY PB and a new club record by around 16 seconds. 200BR was a best time by around 13 seconds and 100FR was around best.

Keri-Lyn Copeland: 200IM was faster than best time and she showed that her 200BR could be competitve with a PB of 3:17.93.

Emma Fender: Slightly better 200IM, HUGE PB in 100BK and right on PB for 100FR. Pretty solid overall!

Nolan Haas: 23 second PB in 200FLY, 5 second PB in 200BR, 100FR was around his best.

Britney Dortona: After her nerves took her our of 200FLY, Britney took 13 seconds off of her 100BK (another central region qualification) and got down to 1:13 for 100FR. Hopefully she's starting to understand that she can tackel bigger obsticles.

Aysia Leckie: had another HUGE meet with another central region standard (100FLY) and several other PBs.

Paige Olmstead: Significant time being cut off of all events. She is narrowing down on B standards in 3 different events.

Total reults can be found at the link below: Simply choose our club from the drop down menu and click the "show" button.

Elite and Platinum took off to Waterloo on Sunday to train LC @ WLU... at least that was the plan. When we got there, no one was at the pool, everything was locked and no one knew where the keys were. Luckily Nandi from ROW texted me what to do. The Elite and Platinum groups worked together to move the bulkhead to 50m and change over the laneropes. We ended up losing about 21min of time but were able to stretch our workout about 17min longer so the time we lost was pretty insignificant. Luckliy, I used to work there and they haven't changed too much about where they keep the keys or equipment. It would have been terrible to have to send people home after driving all that way. Crisis averted... except I hurt my back moving the bulkhead. Grrrr...

It actually ended up being a great workout. Average distance, but some good swimming by everyone (which is not always easy after the distance/race combo we just did with no rest). It should be most helpful for Kyle Elizabeth and Karl, who will be representing HHBF @ Ontario Cup at UofT in a couple of weeks. It will be a long course meet.

The AB Meet in Etobicoke is coming up quick. For many this will be a pretty good look-see at what we'll see in February. It should be a good weekend.