Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Halton Hills Blue Fins present D-Moos TV

The Halton Hills Blue Fins are proud to present D-Moos TV on The Bluefins have been working behind the scenes to help Big Daddy and Foster the Moose get their station off the air and D-Moos TV is just part of it.

"Its a good opportunity to draw people to the station," says Russ Horton, the DJ also known as Big Daddy, and founder of D-Moos radio. "In time we want to draw attention to whats going on in our community and do some video and commentary from community events. Of course, with Coach Mike's help, we should have some good stuff up about the Blue Fins on a regular basis."

There is a lot of potential with this radio station and with the Youtube channel. Please subscribe, become a friend and check back frequently for all your community news... all of which, of course, is brought to you by the Mighty Halton Hills Blue Fins.

The channel address is