Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Massage Therapist In Town

Hi everyone. I try not to do this all that much, but Kieu-Oanh Nguyen is a new massage therapist in town. She just started practice at the Move clinic (with our good friend Dr. Cameron). I must say that she is fantastic at her job! I am very particular about praise on the site so I clearly do think very highly of her.

She is trying to build a client base here in Georgetown. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking therapeutic massage. I have been using her for a couple of weeks now and she has done me a world of good. Please book her up so she spends more time in Georgetown and I can visit her more.

If you are interested, please contact the Move Clinic:

116 Guelph St unit A
Georgetown, On
L7G 4A3
Phone: 905-702-1072

The Move Clinic is a proud sponsor of HHBF, let's give them some support.