Saturday, December 29, 2012


My Twitter followers sent nominees for this imaginary award that I just made up and the top nominees were  Alexa Komarnycky of VAS (Missing the Olympic Team in 400IM and making it with her last chance in 800FR) and the sisterly combo of Heather & Brittany McLean for their celebration after Heather made the Olympic Team. Please vote to the left. The winner will (hopefully agree to) appear on #coachmikepodcast in the new year to be presented with the imaginary award that I just made up. Even though the award is not tangible*, it still is pretty cool to be named the best Canadian Swimming Moment of 2012 by other swimmers. Please vote on the left side of this screen. 

*Anyone wishing to donate $ to actually have a tangible award to give out every year, please contact me right away by twitter or through this blog.