Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Links of the day with Jocelyn Jay

Tyler McGill has a great 3 part series on "So, you want to get faster...". 
Part 1 - Become a student of the Sport http://ow.ly/i42oy
Part 2 - Being Coachable... http://ow.ly/i41QS
Part 3 - Ownership: Give it Everything http://ow.ly/i421Z
Why can some kids handle pressure, while others fall apart?  Scientists think bouts of panic in stressful situations can be traced to genetics. But don’t freak out. Biology is not necessarily destiny.  http://ow.ly/i42BM

20 Ways to Prepare young athletes for success in sports and life - more for parents - http://ow.ly/ip8iK