Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interesting Post Yesterday, Folks?

Hey everyone. I noticed that visits to spiked yesterday and today and tend to spike when I post videos which implies 2 things:
1.) You guys LOVE videos
2.) Visitors stayed up to 2 minutes longer (on average) which meant that they were actually viewing the material and trying to make sense of it.

Thats right, I collect stats on visits and time spent and such. I'm a big technology nerd.

Anyway, I hear your implicit requests and would like to introduce a couple of new features that I want to try out on this blog.

1.) Every Wednesday evening (usually late, ready in time for Thursday morning coffee) I would like to post a new swimming video from our team, from Team Canada or from something interesting happening in the world. Lets call this "Coach Mike's Video Bite".

2.) I want to keep this interactive and would like to answer questions posed to me be email as often as possible. Please email questions to me at I will answer as many as possible (provided that they would be of interest to others; I don't think that too many people are interested in the last thing I ate for lunch or my shoe size).

With those two things in mind, I humbly submit for your approval: The man that I feel should be the face of Swimming Canada... Ryan Chochran in "The Ryan Chochran Biography".

As always, please check out our friends over at Halton Hills Radio D-Moos ( They have been reporting Blue Fins news all over the summer and will be reporting news as we go this season... AND doing a great job of it!

Also, please support my sponsors that make this page possible and click on all and any ads you can.

Thanks everyone for visiting. I will be at registration and assessments next week and hope to see many of you there... and I will keep this interesting for you if you promise to visit my blog as often as possible. Feel free to also email me suggestions of things you would like to see.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach