Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top OAK Age Group Times of All Time

Explanation of Data: This is a listing of the Oakville Aquatic Club's top performances of all time, broken down by age group. The intention of this report is to measure depth of the club.

A Few Notes:

  • Someone's name can only appear once in the listings (ie: Evan White's name cannot appear 5 times in the top 5 times in any event, only once).
  • Only times that were swam while an athlete was representing OAK will appear (recent transfers will not appear in these lists until the times done were while representing OAK).
  • This info is pulled from the SNC database and can only be as accurate as the database is (ie: times posted in 1971 probably do not exist in the database), but is accurate enough for depth measuring purposes.
  • Where do you stand? I challenge you to make the top 10 in 3 events before your career is over. Already have 3? See how many you can rack up and how high you can be. Competition is what makes this sport great!
  • The Oakville Aquatic Club has a lot of FAST performances in club history and a lot of very big names in the listings. In many cases, a few of these names dominate the top 5 and/or are very current times; suggesting that the Oakville Aquatic Club is the deepest it has ever been and is getting even better. Be proud of your heritage and what you are a part of!
  • If anyone spots any broken links or bugs, please email me (mikethompson17@hotmail.com) and I will fix it right away. A lot of work went into this - I want to make sure it operates properly. 

Boys 11-12

Girls 11-12

Boys 13-14

Girls 13-14

Boys 15-17

Girls 15-17

Men Open

Women Open