Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vaughn Days 2 and 3

Quite a few highlights this weekend with an unofficial total of 7 club records broken...

Boys 11-12:
200IM, 50FLY broken by Bjoern-Ole Schrader. New records: 200IM (2:40.67) 50FLY (31.96). It should be noted that Nolan Haas was also under the old club record of 33.68.
100FLY broken by Bjoern-Ole Schrader. New record 1:12.61.

Boys 15&Over 200IM broken by Kyle Haas. New record of 2:17.76.

Girls 11-12
50BK broken by Keri-Lyn Copeland. New record of 34.67.
400IM broken by Keri-Lyn Copeland. New record of 5:43.83.
50BR broken by Emma Fender. New record of 39.66.

Great evidence that this team is stronger and deeper than ever! Congrats to those 5 athletes! We are very proud of you!

Saturday we were having a rough time with the fundementals: a lot of missed turns, missed walls and lazy mistakes, but we still somehow scraped together some solid races.

Sunday's mandate was to head back to fundementals and make sure that we wer doing things very well. Those who chose to follow the plan were very successful! Amongst the highlights (in no particular order):

--Note: if I didn't mention your name, please don't think that you did not do well. 77 athletes in Vaughn this past weekend and my memory is fuzzy from all the horrible techno music during warmup.

Matt Fox: clocked (unoficially) the 9th fastest time in the country this year in 200BK (4th fastest in Ontario) and 5th fastest time in Ontario for 200FR on Sunday. 4th fastest 100BK on Ontario on Saturday. Great weekend overall!

Keri-Lyn Copeland: had an outstanding weekend. 7th fastest time in Ontario in 50FR, 13th fastest time in Ontario for 100FR, 8th fastest time in ONtario for 200FR and top 25 in 3 other events.

Chris Zanewycz: really significant PBs in 4 events and very close to regional times in his 3rd (possibly 4th) meet. Good swimmer on the rise.

Simon Olsen: I loved Simon Olsen's swims and team spirit this weekend. He was disqualified in 200IM though. When Ian asked him if he was going to be alright, Simon's response was "Meh, its only a race". Very good attitude from this new athlete!

Colleen Jarv: AWESOME 200IM today, less then .30 seconds off of regionals for 200IM.

Aysia Leckie: HUGE PBs and some A times for this girl. Great swims!

Paige Olmstead: Best meet of the season this far. Great 100FR and first time under 40 seconds (39.98) for 50BK. Awesome work!

Livy Olson: Watch out EVERYONE! This girl is deadly fast with goggles on ;)

4 GIRLS (10&UNDER) under 1:40 for 100FR: Livy Olson, Megan Brosseau, Madeline Michie, Mackenzie Murphy.

Trevor Burwell: Regained his speed this weekend in 100 and 200FR posting PBs in both.

Aaron Brautigam: Sgnificant PB in 200BR as well as in 400IM, 100FLY, 100FR, 50FR.

Eric Siegfriedt: First regional qualification time in 50FR, congrats!!

Erin Troughton and Clancy Harris: 2 girls that are really learning the decipline of sprinting and posting good times as a result.

Taylr Cawte: GREAT 100FR, 50FR, 100BR and 200BR!! SO much progress in such little time!

Michael Jickling, Anthony Heartsink & Aleksander Plackoski: solid 10 & Under boys contribution this weekend. Its great to know that we have young guys coming up that can race.

Quinn West: Great finish in 200IM, come from behind victory which he should bring to workout on Monday.

Some real breakthroughs being made in Regional Development. I am really proud of the way these guys swam this weekend and the work that Chris has been doing with them. A lot of great progress made in the past 2-3 months.

My fingers hurt from all this typing: too many awesome results. A special thank you to Chris and Ian for all their help this weekend. I'll get back to highlights once the results file is posted; then I'll be able to download them and produce some reports to be more accurate. Until then, excellent work everyone that competed! I am very proud of the Blue Fins!