Thursday, December 1, 2011

Links to check out...

1.) US Nationals in Atlanta, GA start today and there are a whole host of Canadians going down including Tobias Oriwol, Brittany MacLean, Joe Bartoch, Annamay Pierce, Martha McCabe and others. Watch the webcast LIVE HERE. There is going to be some great racing!

2.) IMPORTANT: Gord Bassett Invitational session change. Please check the HHBF Website to make sure that you have all the current information.

3.) New episode of coachmikepodcast up on the podbean server and will be on iTunes at 9pm tonight. Pretty good interview with Kevin Anderson (new head coach of Mississauga Aquatic Club).

4.) If you haven't already, check out the newest episode of "Off the Deck" on the Swim Ontario page. New episode coming very soon.