Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow up to last post.

Sooo.... that went well. Thanks to everyone who visited and checked out my last post. It was VERY popular with over 500 visits on the first day... which kind of confirmed what I thought: This is a big issue and we need to spell out the reasons. Swimming is a great sport and a fantastic character builder. I don't want a single person to miss out on that experience in their lives.

Further to my last post, I think it should be said that being a good team mate is also important. By that I mean, being supportive. In the newest episode of coachmikepodcast (available today), CEO of Swimming Nataion Canada, Pierre Lafontaine talks about the importance of being a good family before we can be a good team. I had never thought of putting it that way, but it totally agree. We need to be just as supportive as a family. If you're brother gets a good mark, you don't talk badly about them or undermine the achievement. You don't make that person more nervous about things to come. You should be happy for them and are supportive of what comes next. That is the role of a family. Be a good family member: be a good team mate. It bothers me to think that athletes can be mean spirited towards the only people that can truly understand and support you. My point: If you're truly supportive, good for you! Keep up the great work. If you're not: get your head on straight. You cannot expect support unless you give it out. This is a learned trait that will add a lot of value to your life. LEARN IT!


SUPER BOWL: Great GRANTLAND article from Bill Simmons, broken hearted Patriots fan.

coachmikepodcast: New podcast featuring Pierre Lafontaine.

Swimmers in ads: first look at Annamay Pierce in her new Pantene ad. Congrats, Annamay!

Brent Hayden had better be ready: some VERY fast swimming happening in the world. And yet, Richard Weinberger somehow flies under the radar. Why isn't he a bigger name than he is..??