Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Links of the day with Jocelyn Jay

What kind of value are you adding? Are you "living olympic"? David
Marsh speaks about these and about perserverance in Davis Tarwater's
journey to gold! http://ow.ly/hctHB

A great blog by Sergio Lopez, head coach of the Bolles School, and
prepared swimmers for London 2012, such as gold medalist Charlie
Houchin and finalist Ariana Kukors. - http://ow.ly/hcpsI

A great exercise in racing, making swimmers more conscious of their
underwater elements and get down to the business of time! -

Persistence is a tough trait to teach, it really comes down to the
athlete, but you can teach them about toughness...Grit! -

A pep talk from a kid president -