Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Paralympics

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I apologize for not being able to give this meet the coverage that it deserves, as I have been away on vacation before putting the final touches on my prep for the 2012-2013 season; but wow, what an incredible meet!

What I admire most about the Paralympics is that not only are these athletes dealing with the pressure and difficulty of athletic performance, but they have to deal with it on top of the added difficulties they may have in their daily lives. I really appreciate all of the work that these athletes, and Swim Canada do to bring these athletes to the world stage. 

Currently, Canada's Paralympic Team is putting up some very impressive results - shadowing the work done by our Olympic athletes, and making it look easy.

Summer Mortimer (S10) - Gold & World Record 100BK
                                             - Gold & World Record 50FR
                                             - Silver 200IM

Beniot Huot (S10) - Bronze 100BK
                                 - Gold & World Record 200IM

Nathan Stein (S10) - Silver 50FR

Brianna Nelson (S7) - Silver 50FLY
                                      - Silver 200IM

Valerie Grand'Maison (S13) - Silver 100FR
                                                   - Silver 50FR

As well as these medalists, Canada has seen some of the best swimming performances it has ever seen. 19 year old Amber Thomas of Drayton Valley, AB is one of these athletes as she broke one of the longest standing Canadian swimming records in the books on Monday in a fifth place finish in the women’s S11 100-metre breaststroke. Thomas, swam 1:36.21 to just break the previous national mark of 1:36.98 set by Yvette Weiker of B.C. in 1984.

With another few days left in the meet (and a few more medal hopes) it is a very exciting and inspirational meet to follow. Live results for the meet can be found HERE. The 2012 Paralympics are being televised, although there doesn't seem to be a consistent schedule so check your local listings for broadcasts.

Follow @swimontario on Twitter for live updates. Their Twitter "master" is also the Para-Swimming mavin in Ontario and has the inside track. 

Just a thought: It's interesting to me that China - a country that has a history of human rights violations, etc - is in first place at the Paralympics...

Also relevant: If you haven't seen it, check out Murderball - a fantastic film about the Canadian vs American wheelchair rugby teams going into the Athens Olympics. I cried like a baby! One of the best sports films ever made in my opinion.