Saturday, April 5, 2014

What If Canadian Swim Trials Were Being Scored? Part 4: FINAL SCORE

Since Canadian Swimming Trials are not being officially scored this year, I have decided to score them myself. Please note that these scores are unofficial and are NOT being compiled by anyone important, just me. I am just running a mock scoring to see where things line up.  I used the scoring from last year's trials and am doing a daily tally of the scores. I think it would be interesting to see which teams are the top in the country, much the same as last season. Final Results are below. Congrats to UBC on earning top spot as well as Oakville, Pointe Claire & Edmonton for keeping it interesting right down to the last event (as usual). Great contest, I'm glad that I kept score - hopefully some of you are too!

1  - UBCD 351
2  - OAK 331.5
3  - EKSC 316
4  - PCSC 309
5  - ISC 292.5
6 -  CASC 216
7 - UNAT 205
8  - ESWIM 187.5
9 -  PPO 161
10- TSC 160

You can view my work here. Feel free to report any errors to me: Congrats to all clubs, swimmers & coaches who made the Commonwealth Games, Junior Pan Pacs, Pan Pacs & Junior Olympics! Great meet, lets do this again: same time next year!