Friday, April 4, 2014

What If Canadian Swimming Trials Were Scored...? Day 3 results

Since Canadian Swimming Trials are not being officially scored this year, I have decided to score them myself. Please note that these scores are unofficial and are NOT being compiled by anyone important, just me. I am just running a mock scoring to see where things line up.  I used the scoring from last year's trials and am doing a daily tally of the scores. I think it would be interesting to see which teams are the top in the country, much the same as last season. Results from Day 3 are below. UBC, OAK and PCSC are certainly keeping it interesting in a tight (hypothetical) race!

1 - UBCD 279
2 - OAK 271.5
3 - PCSC 269
4 - EKSC 246
5 - ISC 196
6 - CASC 180
7 - UNAT 164
8 - UCSC 145
9 - ESWIM 140.5
10  -CHENA 101

You can view my work here. Feel free to report any errors to (Thank you, Simon from GO for alerting me of an error in 400IM scoring). Stay tuned throughout the week to check in on the scores. 

You can view live results for the trials here
You can view live stream of finals here (6pm pacific time start Wed-Sat).