Sunday, June 6, 2010

AGI - Day 4

Good day. I'm exhausted (3rd 13 hour day in a row) so I'm going to keep these results quick...

HHBF finished 18th overall this weekend, which is pretty impressive and (as far as I can tell) the best HHBF has ever finished at AGI.

We had 3 people in finals tonight and had an alternate. Karl Massey had a great morning with a PB in 100bk and came 6th. Kyle Haas made finals in 100FR, 100BK and 400FR, and Trevor Burwell made the final in 400FR.

In the afternoon, Tessa and Keri Lyn both had outstanding 400FRs. Bjoern-Ole Schrader had great 100BK and 100FR swims. Matt Fox graced us with his presence and placed 3rd in 100BK as well as highly in 100FR. Both 11-12 boys and girls had relays that placed in the top 8.

Tonight, Kyle Haas completed races 17, 18 and 19 for the weekend (I forgot that he only swims 400FR once). Best time in 100BK, equal in 100FR and a good effort on race #19, 400FR. Karl's 100BK was slightly slower than this morning, but not by much. He ended up in 8th place.

I'm pretty happy with how the weekend went. There were other clubs that were there to perform, but HHBF was there to be tough and to swim through adversity. I think we all did a great job with that, especially Kyle!

Next up is Central Regions. Congrats to Ryan Smith, Clancy Harris, Sam Ceci and Kaitlyn Daley who will be swimming at Central Regions after Saturday's Time Trial or will be swimming more events. A special congrats to Aaron Brautigam who obtained his provincial prerequisite standards and will be joining us in Ottawa.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach