Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A couple of quick thoughts...

1.) Thanks for visiting and voting on the "Most Important Thing to a Swim Club" pole. I'm not fishing for compliments with the pole, btw, I am giving everyone an opportunity to vote anonymously and in a fun way. Continue to visit and vote, the poles with change every week. Also don't be afraid to leave comments. I appreciate all the feedback.

2.) Between HHBF Meet Manager (Steve Knox) and I, we have been contacted by no less than 8 teams trying to join our time trial Saturday morning in a last ditch effort to get kids qualified for Central Regions due to a major communication breakdown from the Central Region Board. The Central Region Board really stirred the pot with their decision to keep prerequisite standards on Central Region Championships.
(Incidentally, the Central Region Board justifies their actions by stating that their meet with Prereqs was sanctioned prior to Swim Ontario's change in April... although upon closer inspection Central Regions was sanctioned on May 6th according to so I'm not a genius... but that math doesn't add up).

3.) Age Group International this weekend in Etobicoke. Stay tuned for results right here all weekend long.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach