Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm kind of techie... but I still make mistakes.

Alright Elite group. Thursday was the second time that I screwed up the Dr. Greg Wells presentation by video. I should always trust my gut that my ipod will find away to restart a video by moving the video gear. As promised, here is the video, with a bonus video (this time with actual footage of Greg Wells) with his entire goal setting talk. The Elite group knows what they are watching this for. I invite anyone else to take a look, as both of these talks are a gold mine of information for anyone (even parents and non-athletes) in goal setting.

Dr. Wells was the host of the Gemini-Award winning “Superbodies” segments for Canada’s national Olympic broadcast and the on-camera sport science and sport medicine analyst for the CTV Broadcast Consortium, ABC News and ABC’s 20/20 during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Dr. Wells’ on-camera analysis will be a part of CTV’s 2012 Olympic broadcast in London. Dr. Wells is also a regular contributor to CTV’s Canada AM, and has appeared on TSN’s Off the Record.

Trust me, this info is worth a lot more than you'll pay for it. Enjoy.

This is the video that has stalled out on us a lot of times. The Elite group has seen up to 26min.

Goal Setting Seminar from Greg Wells PhD on Vimeo.

Here is a little bonus video...