Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update from Train to Compete Camp in London, ON

Hi All, just wanted to check in from London. So far lots of hard work! Since Friday, we've done 2 x 3 hour water workouts, a team building/mental skills workshop and a 4 hour dryland session. Tomorrow morning we'll wrap things up with another 3 hour water workout and debrief.

Some very hard training going on here! Its great to see some of the fastest athletes in the province train with and against each other. I have taken a lot away from this and Kyle likely has too. I will give more details after the camp has wrapped up and I'm not doing this from my phone.

Kyle Haas, Donovan Tayler, Brandon Kingston, Gamal Assaad and Jake Silverthorn get through 20x100FR @ 1:40 holding PB + 10" (between 1:02 and 1:04). This was a TOUGH set!

Steve Topham's dryland training routines are unorthodox but very tough and functional.

Steve Topham addresses the group after 4 hours of dryland training this afternoon.
Yes, that is Kyle Haas on the floor exhausted after 4 hours of dryland training.
He worked very hard!

Good luck to those at the Pentathlon tomorrow! We'll see you all Monday.