Thursday, September 22, 2011

Announcing the Launch of coachmikepodcast on iTunes

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new podcast named (rather uncreatively) coachmikepodcast which is now available free for download on iTunes**. Check it out; it will be your source for news in the Swimming world and interviews with sports personalities alike, all from a coach's perspective. Episode 1 is up and episode 2 is in the works, hopefully posted before the weekend. If you do not have iTunes, it can also be downloaded from, or you can download it from the left side of this page. For those of you who liked streaming it from my blog, I will also embed a player to allow you to continue to listen that way. Please support this endevour as I am doing it to help promote HHBF and continue to supply our swimmers and parents (amongst others in the Swimming community) with valuable information.

** search "coachmikepodcast" in your iTunes search bar. You should be able to find it under podcasts. Also, please take the time to review it after.