Saturday, September 17, 2011

HHBF Team Building Day @ UCC (Norval)

This morning, members of the Regional Development, Platinum and Elite groups drove out to Norval to do a little team building. The day began like any other - we let swimmers lay on a blanket, then tossed them several feet into the air (no joke). Some parents even took part. It was a lot of fun.
After that, we did a series of warm-up games (see video below) and then all participated in games which involved communication, strategizing and team work. The games were a lot of fun and everyone seemed to get into it, which was rewarding.

The day wrapped up with a game of "Stones" which is like "Capture the Flag" (for those of you familiar) but involved much more team involvement. The day was about having fun, breaking down barriers and getting to know your team mates above everything else and I think that we acheievd that with flying colors; it was a roaring success!
Special thanks to Bill Elgie who made this day possible and who was spectacular with our team, both in leading and organizing. Bill, on behalf of HHBF, I say "Waahhhhh"!!