Thursday, January 26, 2012

Links of the Day:

- I came across this document on line yesterday and I really like the wording of the roles of parents, coaches and athletes at swim meets. Its a good read.

- Todd Schmitz interview on The Morning Swim Show. I had the pleasure of chatting with Todd about a variety of topics from being a young coach, to club structure and politics, to nightmare stories. He also appears on my latest podcast. He's a great guy. This is a good interview:

- Exclusive video from the Austin Grand Prix: Michael Phelps winning 100Fly. Notice the timing of the breathing from all of the top 8 (Elite, Platinum and Regional development swimmers spent a lot of time on this lately).

- I have been asked about nutrition a lot since I returned from Texas. Here is a list of some good starting articles to read:
High Performance Nutrition For Swimmers
What Should My Swimmers Eat Before Their Next Meet?
Nutrition Between Prelims and Finals
Child and Teen Swimmer Nutrition
Dr. Greg Well's Take on Nutrition

- Top 10 doping scandals... I'm a little embarrassed that swimming has 2 on the top 10.

- Incase you haven't heard: Provincials have moved to Ottawa.