Monday, January 23, 2012

Q and A

Q. If "B" times are regionals then what are the A times?

A. Regional times used to be "C" standards and were changed a few years ago (up graded to "B" standards). Outside of the Central Region, they are pretty insignificant (other regions, nationally, inter-nationally). The standards were developed around the provincial standards and worked backwards, basically as goal setting and identifying proximity to provincial level performances. An A standard quite simply mean that you're closer to a provincial performance, although, some meets (AGI in June, for example) will use these standards as entry times for their invitational meet.

Changes are coming to the provincial structure for next season which will kind of turn this on its head. More on that to come...

Q. If I finished 4th in preliminaries and 6th at finals, what was my final placing?

A. Final results come from FINALS so your placing there is your final placing. If you placed 6th at night, you finish 6th regardless if you went faster or placed better in the morning. However, times in the morning are still official... so if you had a best time in the morning, it still counts... just not towards your placing at that meet.

Q. Why didn't the Oakville Meet appear on our meet schedule? What happened to Ontario Cup and the AB Meet?

Our coaching staff is small and we're stretched fairly thin when meets come up. Sending me to Ontario Cup with a select number of athletes, sending Shannan to Brantford with her groups, leaves Chris in Etobicoke running a double ended meet all day on his own... obviously not ideal. Oakville offered a great environment for competitive racing (there were very few Blue Fin blow out races) and allowed for many of our athletes to gain valuable experience at Finals so they're not completely overwhelmed by the experience when they make it at Central Regions, Provincials, Easterns, Nationals, or even Divisions. There seemed to be some confusion and concern over this decision, but, as I planned, it worked out GREAT! We had more regional qualifiers added, a few more qualifiers for other meets, a ton of PBs and EVERYONE who showed up at finals had more fun than I can put into words. This was the best decision, by far; rather than splitting up the club and being severely under manned. Trust me; I know what I'm doing ;)