Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Things Coaching Has Taught Me

A lot of coaching knowledge has been rattling around in my brain. While I try to categorize it, here are some great lessons I have learned in the 8 seasons I've been back into it. Some of these are messages from great coaches (who would not appreciate being quoted here, I'm sure):

1.) Coaching is a lifestyle, not a job. You cannot be successful unless you're "into it".

2.) Know the science like the back of your hand but rely on your eyes and brain; athletes are not textbook cases.

3.) You cannot save a child from their own parents.

4.) Athletes take cues from their coaches and pick up on a lot. Sometimes success and failure depends on how confident the athlete is in their coach.

5.) "Sometimes you just need to get out of the way and let them go." 

6.) No matter how long you've been coaching, someone is always going to ask you "Whats your real job?"

7.) "A lot of people misunderstand how hard it is to compete on a world level."

8.) I've always been suspicious that everyone wants success but few want it bad enough to do something thats not their favourite thing. This has become abundantly clear in the past few years. The right thing is not usually the easy thing.

9.) NEVER accept the answer that something cannot be done; thats code for "I don't see the value in doing it".

10.) "This career is long and athletes don't stay young forever. When its all over, what have they learned through their training, racing and careers? Thats the important bit!"