Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Its time to review some stuff...

Okay swimmers; I am constantly told that your generation learns better from a computer screen than by a person; here is me catering to that adage. Below, are some of last season's best episodes of my web series, OFF THE DECK, that can be found on the Swim Ontario website. The episodes below highlight some very important aspects of swimming that you should be incorporating into your swimming right now, as you are reforming habits and getting into shape. This info usually costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and I bring it to you for FREE; all it costs is a little bit of your free time.

Parents; these videos should help your general understanding of the sport, why coaches are always telling your kid to do the same things (streamline, dryland, etc) and are pretty entertaining. By watching these, you should get a better understanding of the sport, as a whole, and not just what is happening between the 4 walls of your pool.


Dean Boles: Dean Boles of Swim Ontario invited Canadian National Team Bio-Mechanist, Alan Wrigley, was invited to Toronto during Canada Cup to analyze dives, starts and turns. HHBF's Kyle Haas was there and I bring the advice he received from Dr. Wrigley to you.

Off The Deck with Dean Boles from Swim Ontario on Vimeo.

Steve Topham: Swim Ontario's strength and conditioning consultant, Steve Topham, talks with Ontario's Canada Games Hopefuls regarding posture in and out of the water.

Off the Deck with Dean Boles and Steve Topham from Swim Ontario on Vimeo.

Steve Topham on Shoulder Health: Dean Boles interviews Steve Topham about shoulder health and swimming.

Dean Boles and Steve Topham on Shoulder Health from Swim Ontario on Vimeo.

University Swimming: Ken Fitzpatrick of Western University addresses the Swim Ontario Train to Compete Camp about staying in Canada for University. Some helpful info for swimmers about to make decisions and a compelling argument, nonetheless.

Off The Deck - A Compelling Argument about University Swimming from Swim Ontario on Vimeo.

Tara Van Beilen's Success: Many of you watched Tara's nail biting swim-off for 8th in an Olympic Final this summer, but how many of you know how much work went into getting her that far?

Off The Deck with Team Tera Van Beilen from Swim Ontario on Vimeo.