Monday, October 1, 2012

Mike's Monday Links

I have been Tweeting a lot of interesting links and videos lately. Here are some of my favs for you to check out on a Monday morning... lets face it... you're all looking for ways to kill time before getting to work today...

The Immune System and the Elite Swimmer: Several researchers have studied the link between training and immunity in swimmers. This 2 part series explores the link.

Superbodies: Dr. Greg Wells is a friend of the Swimming community and to #coachmikepodcast. He did the Superbodies segments for the London 2012 Olympics which were brilliantly put together. Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Greg also has a Superbodies book out that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.

#coachmikepodcast: Most recent episode (episode 28) features a talk with Swim Canada's Director or High Performance, Ken Radford. Ken explains the changes to the SNC National Time Standards and what to look for in the future. Also available for free download on iTunes.

Five Things You Must Know About Stress: Click here for this article. 

ESPN 30:30: Arnold Schwarzenegger's military service and disadvantages played a critical role in his success. Say what you want about Arnold, but he is VERY successful and its not by accident. Watch this 10min piece by ESPN 30:30. Its very well done!