Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Use Your Resources

Yesterday I spent some time working with one of the younger groups in my club (I always try to work with each age group at least once/month) and did quite a bit of work and video feedback with turns. It was a lot of fun! Before the practice started, a 10 year old girl came onto the deck early to watch some of my older swimmers to backstroke turns and learn (I love the initiative!). I pulled out my phone and was able to show her some clips from the episode of "OFF THE DECK" (below) that was filmed about a year ago. This episode contains (what I believe to be) some of the best information on starts and turns that you could possibly want and its all free. One of my biggest disappointments with the "OFF THE DECK" video series is that very few people have viewed this free video, but they'll pay extra money to have this type of consultation done... or worse; continue to do the easiest things incorrectly. There are a lot of free resources I make available to the community including Twitter links, this blog, my podcast and the OFF THE DECK series; all in the hopes of making Ontario and Canadian swimming better. A reminder that you don't have to be wet in order to improve your swimming - just use your resources.