Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 Further Thoughts On Canadian World Championship Trials

Thinking back on the statistics I brought you on Monday: 
  1. Of the 34 athletes that made the team (so far), only 10 of them (30%) are currently in the CIS system - Please use that stat for good instead of evil.
  2. Of that 30%, 90% of those athletes are from training centres, not necessarily true CIS athletes (thats why Ryan Cochrane, Andrew Ford and others were not counted at CIS athletes). Alec Page & Chris Manning also did not compete at CIS championships.
  3. Of the 5 NCAA athletes (Hassaan, Funk, MacLean, Van Landegham & Russell), 100% are club trained athletes & represent ESWIM, EKSC, MANTA & DS... very likely because current rules prevent them from collecting carding anyway. This is largely a mute point due to the current SNC rules around NCAA athletes because any argument either way is hypothetical.
  4. I am still blown away by the winning time in the men's 200BK; About 10 seconds off of the world record. A bright spot, perhaps, would be that there were 7 athletes 2:02 or better. Comparatively, at last year's Olympic Trials, there were only 4. Last summer (July '12) there were 5, however... perhaps displaying that improvement throughout the season may be another reason to hold Trials later in the season.
  5. I cannot find answers or stats to answer these questions for certain: a.) has there ever been a coach that had the 3 fastest athletes in 1 event at 1 time before? and b.) has there ever been a club team that has won Age Group Championships and Summer Nationals in the same year before (I believe that OAK can do it this summer)?
Below is the top 15 finishing clubs. 6 of them are from Ontario. 3 from Quebec. 2 from BC. 2 from Alberta. 1 from Manitoba. 

1. Ubc Dolphins                  497   
2. Oakville Aquatic Club         483.5
3. Pointe-Claire Swim Club       466   
4. Cascade Swim Club             405.5
5. Island Swimming               364   
6. Toronto Swim Club             358.5
7. Etobicoke Swimming            333   
8. Ppo                           264
9. Univ OF Calgary Swim Club     240   
10. Edmonton Keyano Swim Club    236
11. Dolphins Swim Club           171  
12. Newmarket Stingrays          147
13. Club Aquatique Montréal      109  
14. Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club   95
15. Manta Swim Club              85