Tuesday, April 30, 2013

400th Post!!!

I debated doing something epic for my 400th post, but I think I'll save that for #500. Instead, I thought I would focus on the news that NBACentre (Washington Wizards), Jason Collins, announced that he is gay. I do not want to focus specifically on the news, but more about the reaction.

Twitter has blown up with mostly support for Jason (and sadly some jerks). This summarizes some of the better ones:

The reoccurring theme here is that this is "No Big Deal", however, I think the fact that everyone has something to say about this in news shows and social media proves that it IS a big deal; it is in fact a HUGE deal... it just isn't a big deal for the reason that it used to be a big deal. Being gay used to be something that was looked down upon and to be ashamed of, but now it is pretty common place. Of course there are gay men in sports - they have just been afraid to come out. Jason Collins is a role model for young gay athletes and THATS why it is a huge deal.

This was a long time coming and, in my mind, long over due. Congrats to Jason and the new era of fear free sports. I think it is a strong statement about modern society and sports when this news didn't even interest me much - until the repeated headlines and "No Big Deal" kept flashing across my phone's news feed.

 Last word goes to Mark Tewksbury, Swimming Canada's last Olympic Gold Medalist (100BK in 1992), who came out long ago: