Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Re-run of some interesting links

I originally posted these links back in september, but they're so timeless I'll post them again...
The Immune System and the Elite Swimmer: Several researchers have studied the link between training and immunity in swimmers. This 2 part series explores the link.

Superbodies: Dr. Greg Wells is a friend of the Swimming community and to #coachmikepodcast. He did the Superbodies segments for the London 2012 Olympics which were brilliantly put together. Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Greg also has a Superbodies book out that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.


Five Things You Must Know About Stress: Click here for this article. 

ESPN 30:30: Arnold Schwarzenegger's military service and disadvantages played a critical role in his success. Say what you want about Arnold, but he is VERY successful and its not by accident. Watch this 10min piece by ESPN 30:30. Its very well done!