Friday, May 10, 2013

5 More Things That Coaching Has Taught Me...

Some of you have really enjoyed this series. 5 more things to add to my growing list of things that coaching has taught me.

Lessons 1-10 can be found HERE.
Lessons 11-20 can be found HERE.

21.) Not all great coaches are great at things outside of coaching. Just like you, coaches are good at some things (the aspects of the sport) and terrible at others (managing money, personal relationships, driving, etc). That doesn't make them bad people or bad coaches and shouldn't diminish their value to the sport. Remember, their job is to coach athletes; if they're good at it, value them for that. They are not infallible. (Editors note: The TV show Scrubs illustrated this point very well in an episode called "Her Story" - Season 4 episode 5).

22.) I did 10 hours of work yesterday but you only saw me for 4 hours of it. "Out of sight, out of mind" applies heavily to parents and executive members in this sport.

23.) Expectations are too high in Ontario & Canada if we continue to expect the most important aspects of stroke mechanics, control & technique to be taught my the least experienced (often teenagers) and lowest paid employees of the club system. 

24.) How not to parent. I've learned a lot from observing various styles.

25.) This is a very "what have you done for me lately" type of sport... but it shouldn't be. Athletes careers span 10-20 years. Preaching patience is key - both to your membership and to yourself; although the athletes you have now seem like they define your career, working with an athlete for 4 years out of a 40 year career means that what you're doing now only accounts for 10% of your career.