Monday, June 6, 2011

AGI - Sunday Wrap Up

Now that I have some time to type; yesterday was a pretty good day. Highlights include the HHBF boys 15&Over 200BR LC record broken 3 times by 2 different people (first by Kyle and Aaron and finally by Kyle Haas @ 2:33.11), Loren broke the girls 15&Over 50fly record (32.64), Nolan broke the boys 13-14 50fly record, Matt Fox placed 6th in 100BK (highest placing 13 year old and a small PB), Britney Dortona had a huge PB in 400FR Trevor Burwell had a small PB in 400FR and Emma Fender qualified for provincials in 100FR.

All in all an interesting weekend. Almost every HHBF athlete had a different purpose there. With provincials and regionals not far away, its very tough placement of a meet. It was tough for 17 and overs because of some world class athletes filling up finals spots. It was tough for 13-14 year olds because they had an afternoon session that went right into finals (In Matt Fox's case, he had a little more than 90min between his race and finals). Ideally its a great meet for 11-12s (who don't have finals) and 15-16 as a good chance to swim finals. I may reassess the need for a meet at that time of the year next season, but as of right now, it was a pretty good weekend.