Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HHBF @ Relay For Life

This past weekend, many Blue Fins participated in the Relay for Life. The HHBF team (which was organized by Bronte McMaster and Avery Jans) included Blue Fins team mates such as Jason Reid, Viktoria Plackoska, Michael Jans, Tatyana Austrie, Isaac West, Arielle Sabourin, and Olivia Fong.

Reports from the event were that these Blue Fins represented out team very well (and there are many reports that they were the only team that did not stop the entire time). Quinn West, Sarah Reid and Aleks Plackoski stayed and joined the team for the entire event and Coach Chris and his wife, Mallory, stopped by to do a couple of laps with the athletes.

I am very proud of the reports coming to me from my athletes and the rest of our team should be too. This was great exposure for our team and a great team building event for those who participated. Well done.