Sunday, June 26, 2011


Combination of depth, strength and dedication earned the Halton Hills Blue Fins their very first Halton Cup on Saturday June 25th. The cup is awarded once/season after 2 dual meets between the Halton Hills Blue Fins and Milton Marlins Swim Team. The highest combined points after both meets wins the cup. HHBF had a strong lead (almost 2000pts) after the first meeting in February and continued to build on that lead Saturday.

"What a statement for our team to make," said Chris Henderson. "Not that long ago, we stood no chance against MMST. Now this is a great contest."

"I'm proud of everyone and am excited to make this one of my last moments with HHBF," said coach Ian Cunningham, who will leave to start a new career in Halifax after this season. "These young athletes worked hard and deserved the win."

I am very proud of what the Blue Fins have achieved this season but winning the Halton Cup certainly adds new dimension and meaning to everything. I believe that the cup belongs in Georgetown and we will have a strong fight on our hands next season, to keep it here. But for now, congrats to the following Blue Fins who made this victory possible:
A.J. Tarczy, Aleksandar Plackoski, Alexandra Taran, Anthony Hartsink, Arielle Sabourin, Ashton Sicard, Avery Jans, Aysia Leckie, Brett Russell, Bronte McMaster, Brooklyn Shelley, Carter DeForest, Chris Zanewycz, Clancy Harris, Colleen Jarv, Danielle Taran, Emilie Knighton, Emily Collis, Eric Siegfriedt, Erick Ortega, Erika Charbonneau, Felipe Escobar, Fraser Stitt, Heather Bradshaw, Isaac West, Jake Wilson, Jason Reid, Jeffrey Jiang, Jordan Horruzey, Jordan Stott, Justin Lochert, Katherine Peel, Kelly Smith, Lauren Monhemius, Loren O'Brien-Egesborg, Mackenzie Murphy, Mackenzie Warnock, Madeline Michie, Megan Brosseau, Megan Caissie, Michael Jans, Michael Jickling, Mitchell Brearley, Nicole Waddick,Olivia Fong, Olivia Olson, Paige Olmstead, Payton Shelley, Quinn Jaggard, Quinn West, Rachel Ironside, Samantha Burwell, Sarah Reid, Shannon Jickling, Shannon Kent, Simon Olsen, Simone Fong, Sydney Taran, Tatyana Austrie, Taylr Cawte, Ted Mosoi, Thomas Schofield, Veronica Fong, Victoria Gibson and Viktoria Plackoska.

I am unbelievably proud of this team; more proud than I have ever been because what we earned, we earned as a team. It is not very often, in an individual sport, that we can dominate as a team. Celebrate and enjoy this victory! Congratulations again!

*A special Thank You to Cathan DeForest for the photos!