Friday, March 23, 2012

Mens Division I NCAA Championships

Check out the "Fastest Meet in the World" results this weekend (my quotes are not to demean the meet, it really is bloody fast!). Keep in mind that this meet is in yards, but for relevance sake, I will convert the times. For any guys hoping for scholarships in the future:

Yesterday's 200IM in prelims:
1st place: 1:42.70scy (1:54.62scm)
8th place: 1:43.72scy (1:55.72scm)
16th place: 1:45.09scy (1:57.29scm)
Meet qualifying: 1:49.25scy (2:01.93scm)

Yesterday's 50FR in prelims:
1st place: 19.04scy (21.24scm)
8th place: 19.41scy (21.66scm)
16th place: 19.62scy (21.90scm)
Meet Qualifying: 20.29scy (22.65scm)

Keep a keen eye on the results over the weekend for Canadian names that will also appear next week at Olympic Trials like Matthew Swanston, Nick Karpov and Chad Bobrovski. Its a great meet, but it is sooooo important to know whats going on in the swimming world. You can also stream prelims and finals video from all 3 divisions HERE.