Thursday, March 29, 2012

Olympic Trials Day 3

Exciting couple of days with a ton of upsets and excitement. Stefan Hernyak shut out of his second Olympic team by the unheralded David Sharp of Halifax, Amanda Reason making a career resurgence by qualifying as a 4x200FR relay swimmer (should be a VERY good relay this summer btw) and Mike Brown failing to qualify for the Olympics. HHBF is staying with OAK at Olympic Trials, so today was exceptionally exciting with Tara Van Beilen qualifying for her first Olympic Team in 100BR. What a roller coaster of a weekend and we're only half way done.

One thing that is not clear to many is how someone makes the Olympic Team. You used to have to win the event, but that s no longer so. Now you must win under a time standard in order to go for sure. If you are not under that standard, you must be below a second, slower, standard and are then nominated for the team. Those people will not learn their fate until July. See the explanation below.