Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trials Day 1

Lesson of the day: 13-14 year old boys should start working their butts off in 400IM!!

Simply put, 400IM is not overly competitve. 4:17 won it and then a lot of people are between 4:25-4:35 which isn't that quick on a world stage. Learn strategy and work on it NOW!!! 13-14 year old boys; here is your opening. You'll be the ones here in 4 years. TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW!!!

Brittany MacLean (friend of #coachmikepodcast) set a new Canadian Record in womens 400FR and both her and Savannah King made the team. It was a crazy busy day and I'm putting the finishing touches on some video and I hope to have that up soon but Kyle Haas races 100bk tomorrow, so that job comes first. See you all soon and I hope you're all watching at home.