Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Links of the Day with Jocelyn Jay

As part of my expansion of this blog, I am trying to get regular contributions from other coaches. The point is to drive up interest in the blog, but more importantly, to have a wide arrange of interests and ideas represented here. Quite simply, this is not about me, its about sports. Jocelyn Jay is one of those coaches who always finds interesting things on the internet to share with everyone else. I have asked her to submit some links once/week for your enjoyment and education.

Jocelyn (originally from Brantford, ON) returned to the Brantford Aquatic Club as a coach in September 2009. Previously to coming to BAC Jocelyn was the assistant coach of the Comox Valley Aquatic Club in BC for two seasons as well as the masters coach for three. Before moving to BC Jocelyn was the assistant coach for the Northwestern University's Women's Swimming and Diving program in the Division 1 US collegiate system. Before joining NU she was an assistant coach with the mighty Etobicoke Swim Club in Toronto.
Jocelyn enjoyed a decorated swimming career of her own. Representing the Brantford Aquatic Club she was a Canadian National Team Member from 1990-1993. She then went on to represent The Ohio State University Women's Swim Team were she was named Big 10 athlete of the year in 1995. In September 2004 Jocelyn was inducted into The Ohio State's Hall of Fame in honour of her swimming achievements.

We welcome Jocelyn to our volunteer contributing staff. Enjoy, everyone.


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