Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Links of the Day with Jocelyn Jay

"Create the Future you Imagine" - Our actions create our future!! Only we forge our path...our choices, opportunities and beliefs.

"Comfort vs Magic - An excellent article about stepping outside your comfort zone, allowing your "uncomfortable to be comfortable", is what creates the "magic" of success.

"Jump Start your Kitchen" - I love Garrett Weber-Gale and his Athletic Foodie website (ed. note: Garrett did an exclusive interview on this blog last year which can now be found on #coachmikepodcast. Listen to it here).  This is a great article about what you should have in your kitchen to make quick and easy meals. 

"Breaststroke Breakthrough" To break through to a new level in your breaststroke, don't hammer it, polish it. Here are 8 ways to make sure your stroke is the sleekest, shiniest jewel in the pool.

Streamlined News wraps up the Charlotte UltraSwim and news from around the world.