Friday, July 12, 2013

10 Awesome Tweeters In The Swimming World

Twitter has become a pretty major part of the news scene... proof of this is that I often learn about breaking news from Twitter before I hear it on the radio - and I listen to a 24 hour news station most of the day. If you're not using it or if you don't "get it" here is your opportunity. Even if you are on the cutting edge, here is a quick guide to 10 people who provide great swimming related content on Twitter (besides myself). 

10 People To Follow:

@Swimswamnews+SWIMSWAM is the swim news network that basically covers EVERYTHING. Live tweets of events and inside coverage of almost everything. 

@BAC_swim: Our own +Jocelyn Jay, who routinely posts interesting links and videos.

@Lalih0: Tom Rushton of the Montreal Training Centre. Tom usually has great stuff to say about Sports Science and specifically about swimming - pretty cutting edge with technology too. Alright fine, I'll say it - I wish I was Tom Rushton.

@Goswim: Glenn Mills of  often posts information about his website but also posts interesting sports based (and sometimes technology or general interest based) links. 

@mikelgustafson+Mike Gustafson is a writer for USA Swimming and often has articles on their website. He is very witty and can craft surprisingly insightful and funny things in 140 characters.

@swimontario: You cannot possibly miss any news, information or deadlines in Ontario swimming if you follow +Swim Ontario. No excuse - Lindsay Taylor, who runs the account, is excellent in getting information out and live tweeting provincial events!

@Gwebbergale: American Olympic Gold Medlist, +Garrett Weber-Gale is a "foodie" and nutrition activist. He is always posting links to interesting food and pictures of what he is cooking.

@lcansdale: Lance Cansdale (who recently apperared on #coachmikepodcast) is the head coach of Dal. He often finds great articles about sports like this. Good follow.

@teravb: Canadian Olympic athlete, Tera Van Beilen, often posts amusing Vine videos, Instagram pics and updates about what she is doing (currently in Kazan, Russia at #FISU). 

@frankdespond: U of T athlete, Frank Despond. I'm trying to get this guy to 100 followers. Please help.