Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thats A Wrap!

Well this is it... My final day as a head coach before moving to an assistants role with another club. I want to say thanks to everyone at the Halton Hills Blue Fins for making my time there special. I believe that the things I experienced as a Head Coach with the organization (both good and bad) will add to my arsenal as a coach going forward. 

I am very excited about my new position with the Oakville Aquatic Club and cannot wait to get started. I plan to be on Blog hiatus for the month of August while I retool and make some changes - hopefully continuing to add to the world of swimming in a positive way.  Anyone interested in my thoughts about World Championships or anything else that falls out of my brain can check me out over on Twitter.

Fair well everyone! I'll see you all soon. I'll still be the same guy - only I'll be dressed in red instead of blue.