Friday, November 26, 2010

Canada Cup day 1

This mornings session was done by 11:30. That doesn't sound short until I told you that the session started at 10am. It was very interesting to see high level athletes warming up and socializing. This is the first time many of them have seen eachother this season.

Kyle's 200bk was decent. The problem was that he was out a tad too slow and that I think he was nervous being in his first senior national (international) meet. Kyle was out in a 29.94 which would have been alright if he had not dropped to a 32 in the second 50 for a split of 1:02.04. At that point, dolphin kick started a fail. Kyle was back in a 1:06.9 for a final time of 2:09.10 which is only .3 seconds off of his best, a best ever morning swim and 2nd best time ever. Overall, not a bad way to spend you first race at the biggest meet you have ever been to. Kyle finished 44th overall.

Tomorrow is 100bk, kyle's best race so it should be a better morning. So far there has been some really fast swimming. Come down to watch finals if you can, its bound to be exciting.