Sunday, November 28, 2010

Canada Cup day 3

Hi everyone. I have had a VERY busy 4 days so I'm glad that Canada Cup has come to a close. I have learned a lot this weekend and am very excited to bring all my new ideas back to training and the executive board.
Kyle swam 100IM and 50BK today. 100IM was decent and technically very sound. Final time of 1:02.44, breaking Alex Maine's former club record of 1:05.04 by over 1.5 seconds, but I still think that we can be faster. Kyle reminded me o f myself in this race. I always had difficulty transitioning from BR to FR and Kyle had the same difficulty in this race. Our focus was the BK/BR turn which was executed very well. I'm pretty happy with it.
50BK was successful in that we wanted to get a high stroke rate (55RMP or higher on the way out) and we were at 60 to start. The only problem was that the strokes were faster which screwed up Kyle's touch. Kyle finished in 38th place with a final time of 28.15. Kyle still destroyed Alex Maine's old club record of 30.39, but again, there is still more there.
Not a bad weekend for Kyle's first Seniro National meet, but certainly one under the belt. We hope that by Eastern Canadian Championships, Kyle will be within the top 3 on the podium with this experience.

My course is going well. I was able to sit in on a talk from Ryan Cochrane's coach and Head Coach of the Victoria Academy, Randy Bennett. Randy is SUPER approachable and had many gems of info. I really loved listening to him and wish that I had a few hours with him to myself. Tomorrow we get to spend some time with Dr. Greg Wells of the Canadian Sports Center (you may have seen him on TV during the Winter Olympics last year) during the High Performance Camp. I am really looking forward to that opportunity. I'll see everyone soon!