Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Milton Da$h for Ca$h Day 2

Results are finally up and I am very happy to see what happened on Sunday in Milton. "What happened?" you ask??
- Aurora Zuraw was a fierce competitor all weekend but her 100FR time of 1:09.99 and 200FR time of 2:35.28 not only nabbed her 1st place in both (against athletes from higher groups) but also gave her 2 solid B times and Regional qualification already. Great work, Aurora!
- Britney Dortona had a spectacular weekend, shedding 32 seconds from her 200FR, placing 3rd but also achieving B and C standards on everything this weekend.
- Carter DeForest got rid of 23 seconds in his 200FR as well as shedding 7 seconds in both 100FR and 100BK. Watch for this guy!
- Tatyana Austrie had some very significant PBs over the weekend but 14 seconds in 200FR is outstanding. She is coming along very well.
- Filipe Escobar had a great Sunday too with an 15 second PB in 50fly as well as an 18 second pb in 100BK.
- I like Jason Fischer's determination to do well, but more so his determination to understand why or why not. He had 3 very significant best times in 200FR, 100BK and 100FR. Go ahead, ask him why.
- Jordan Horruzey also had some very significant success on the weekend. First time under 3min in 200FR, and 1:22.86 for 100FR is a 12 second best time from last season. He has clearly been working hard.
- Quinn Jaggard had 2 big best times on Sunday in 100BK and 100FR. Both C standards in the 13 year old category... this was Quinn's first time racing in this age category.
- Avery Jans, first time under 1:20 in 100FR!!!
- Simon Olsen and Chris Zanewycz are 2 new swimmers to watch. These 2 not only had a ton of fun, but they really performed very well in their first meets. Remember, you heard it here first!!
- Nolan Haas is now officially very close to the provincial standard in 100FLY 100FR and 50FR and had a stellar 50FLY. This seems like only a matter of time.

I remember back when I started with HHBF, Rob and I would get very excited if we had a 13-14 year old coming into his group that went faster than 1:20 for 100FR. Now I can't even count the number of 11-12 year olds UNDER 1:20. I am so proud of what we have done so far, but this is just the begining. Please do not assume that just because we had 1 good meet that we can let our guards down. We've been working hard for about 70-80 days. Imagine how good things are going to get 120 days into the season... 200 days in. Keep working hard: be proud of what we have done, but most importantly be proud of what we can and will do!

Congratulations on a fantastic weekend, everyone.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach