Sunday, November 21, 2010

GTA West #2

Crazy weekend for me, as the club had a lot going on. I was unable to attend the GTA West meet on Saturday morning due to some other club and personal business I had to attend to, but things seemed to go reasonably well. I was sad that I missed some good 400Fr's and 100Fly's though. I heard that those 2 events went remarkably well. I was especially sad that I had to miss 100BK (my best event when I swam) because it was reported back to me that we had a lot of good ones.

I happily came in today to whiteness some really great racing. Aside from the water being a scalding 87 degrees (which made it difficult for some people to race comfortably), we were honestly RED HOT this morning with the amount of PBs and great swims.

Unfortunately, our pool doesn't have an electronic score board which would automatically average the finish time, so until I see all the final times (which should be tomorrow or Tuesday), I cannot be positive about final times. Some swims of note though were:

- Isaac West finishing 200IM with almost a 10second PB of 2:56 and Nick Levesque finishing 2nd with a PB of his own.
- John Paul Thomson clocking around a 1:05 for his 100FR. First official 100FR time and indicative of his future ability.
- Coleen Jarv and Nicole Waddick finishing very close to each other in 200IM with best times of over 10 seconds each. Both girls had a fantastic morning.
- Olivia Fong turning her morning around by sticking to a good race strategy in 200IM. Around her best time, if not slightly faster.
- Waiting on the official result on this, but it looks like Corey Leblanc may have squeaked just under the Central Region Qualifying time in 100FR with a best time of 1:01.
- I had previously reported that Brooklyn Shelly had made the Central Region cut in 100BR, but I was incorrect, she had just missed it. She obtained it this morning in 100BR and was very excited.
- Jason Reid dropped almost 3 seconds in his 100FR. Best time was done 2 weeks ago in Milton. Great race!
- Livy Olson had a couple of great races today. 100FR was very quick especially since she was swimming blind (goggles). Very tough girl and a quick swimmer.
- Rachel Ironside had a really good morning and had a 50FR that was surprisingly quick for an 8 year old girl.
- Danielle Logozny was a pleasant surprise to see in the front of her heats this morning. She is fairly new to the club, but is catching on to the sport very quickly.
- Felipe Escobar's 200IM looked very good and his strokes are MUCH improved!

There were so many good swims this morning! I wish I had the results in front of me so that I could be more accurate with time, but that will have to wait. Given the success that we have had early in the season, I would like to commend Shannan, Chris, Ian and all of the junior coaches for getting us to where we are. They are quite clearly doing an awesome job.

If anyone has any really great experiences or stories to share from our meet, please forward them to me by email and I'll try to get some on the blog later this week. I am really pleased with the participation and the spirit that we showed at this meet.

Proud Blue Fin,

Mike Thompson